Quaderni Satyagraha speciale Galtung

Discovering Galtung
Johan Galtung explains the roots of Galtungism in a dialogue with Erika Degortes

by Johan Galtung - Erika Degortes

English pp. 86, € 10,00


This book is meant for people who are not familiar with Peace Studies in general and Galtung’s theories in particular. Even specialists can find in it some less known elements that may be useful to understand how such an outstanding methodology (as the Transcend Method) has developed
The idea of this book came about during a travel from Geneva (Switzerland) to Torino (Italy) by car. The weather was nice and the roads clear. The conversation very soon turned into a rich journey along Galtung’s theories and experiences.
“Johan, very many have written about you. Your own production is simply outstanding, and thanks to you, everybody can study “Galtungism” and understand it immediately. But what I miss is to understand where did you get certain ideas from…”
“Thank you, Erika! You know, nobody has ever asked me such a fundamental question. Let me give you the answer. You know my style, short questions may require long answers...” He sat comfortable and started talking…